COVID-19 Business Interruption

Please only complete this form if you have the Business Interruption section within your policy schedule as insured.

Please complete the below information. On completion of this form we will proceed to investigate if cover is in force. Not all policies are covered and the detail of the court ruling made on the 15/01/2021 is still to be reviewed and understood.

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COVID-19 Claim Notification Enquiry

If you are a client of Blythin & Brown, enter your Broker Reference or Policy Number. If you are not, we may still be able to help if you enter your Policy Number and Insurers Name.

This is the date you decided to close your location or the date the Government locked down the nation.

If you have not opened since the lockdown then please put todays date.

You should check this Statement of Facts and if any of the statements, information or facts stated are incorrect or if there are any other facts you feel should be disclosed under your requirement to make a fair presentation of the claim submission. Failure to do so could invalidate your policy or result in a claim being repudiated or not paid in full. You hereby understand and agree that there has been no confirmation that this is a valid claim submission and this document is to provide Blythin & Brown the appropriate information they may require to give you the best possible chance of making a claim. If you do not have any business interruption cover on your policy you will be notified within 14 days of this submission. By clicking yes you are confirming the above and accepting that you understood your policy wording including exclusions and limitations.

The information you provide will be based on upmost good faith in accordance with your insurance policy requirements. All claims will be investigated accordingly and evidence will be required in order to make a claim.

Please go to this link to be guided by the FCA for the potential information you will need to have the best possible chance of claiming on the business interruption section of your policy if you have this cover. Draft guidance: Business interruption insurance test case - proving the presense of coronavirus (Covid-19) (