Employment Law

The pitfalls of poor HR Procedures are well documented; the latest Ministry of Justice figures state that redundancy and unfair dismissal compensation claims have risen by 17% since 2009 and 62% since 2008 and the total number of Employment Tribunals claims has increased by 56% since 2009.

Business is more complex than ever, especially when it comes to the employment of people, with the legislation pendulum swinging ever more in the direction of employees.

Blythin & Brown through our partnership arrangement can help can help protect your reputation with our no-nonsense approach and an insurance backed indemnity of £100,000 should a legal claim made against you be successful (£1,000,000 in the aggregate).

Our customers have personally seen the benefits of Employment Law Services to their business. The services allow business owners and managers the freedom to run their operations as they see fit, without the worry of legal repercussions or penalties.

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