Foundries & Forges

Insurance for the Cast Metals and Metal Forming industry are two key areas of expertise for Blythin & Brown Insurance Brokers.

We have in house specialists who have spent over 10 years working alongside the UK's leading trade bodies for your industry in providing competitive insurance and risk management solutions for their members.

I am sure you have seen that over the past few years insurance premiums have reduced significantly; some by over 60%, but whilst the premiums may have reduced the policy cover by insurers may have too. Blythin and Brown offer a free comprehensive impartial review of your current insurance arrangements, to ensure the policy cover you currently have meets your requirements. We will review all aspects of your business from the products you manufacture, how you manufacture them, to a review of your business interruption and risk management. All this will be backed up by the most competitive premiums in the market. So if you haven't had a review of your current arrangements by a broker recently we urge you to contact us.

Here are some of the reasons to use Blythin and Brown Insurance Brokers:

Wide policy cover

Your policy will have bespoke cover, designed by our specialists. We can provide you with cover for the following issues that the majority of insurers cannot:

  • Commercial Combined insurance coverage that includes Molten Metal Breakout Cover
  • Cover to include Patterns, Moulds and Tooling
  • Wide Products Liability to include Automotive, Aerospace, Railways and Nuclear products
  • Environmental Liability Coverage
  • Product Recall and Guarantee cover
  • Employers Liability that includes Vocational and Rehabilitation Cover
  • Exports to USA/Canada

Premium savings

Our policies can also include generous premium savings:

  • Good quality Health & Safety Procedures and Records will receive a discount
  • 5% discount for 3 years long term agreement policies
  • Profit Share/Rebate clause if your claims are below an agreed level set at inception
  • Interest free instalments through some of our insurers is available

Premiums starting from as low as £2,000 plus IPT for a commercial combined policy.

Quality service

You will be assigned a dedicated support team:

  • Director Level Servicing of your account
  • A team with over 25 years combined experience in your industry to provide expert knowledge and cost effective solutions
  • 24 hour claims service in the event of a major loss

For further information, or you would like to arrange an appointment for us to review, please contact Richard Leake on 07809 387438 or email: