Connecting Insurance Brokers, Businesses and The Army

As many may know, Director Richard Picton served as a NCO for 8 years in the Royal Anglian Infantry Regiment which has a battalion based in Leicester. He was recently invited to a networking event designed to help insurance brokers, businesses understand the benefits of working with the British Army the British Military.

Why is this relevant to commercial insurance?

You might be asking why a presentation like this might be of interest to an insurance broker?

Blythin & Brown is committed to offering employment opportunities to all and, as we already support team members to be army reservists and employ other ex-forces personnel, Richard thought it would be useful to explore what benefits strengthening these relationships could offer.

Transferable skills

Teamwork, loyalty and the ability to build strong relationships are the primary soft skills you might associate with a person from the forces. However having an effective insurance programme begins with risk management – and people with a military background have been trained to assess and mitigate risk so they could make excellent insurance brokers and account managers because of their past experience and transferable skills.

Commenting Richard said, “I gained invaluable skills from my time in the forces and was fortunate to be given the opportunity to use them as I began a different career in banking and then insurance. Having become the business owner following our MBO in 2021, our growth strategy will include bringing in new people. The presentation opened my eyes to other avenues we could use to recruit the best people who will instantly relate to and be able to deliver services according to our three “Rs” brand proposition: Delivering reliable qualified advice, rapidly and building rewarding relationships.”

The event Richard attended was on 7th April 2022 in the Main Atrium & LH017 of The Learning Hub at Northamptonshire University. It was attended by selected guests from both the public and private sectors based across Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. Attendees heard a number of presentations and afterwards were able to engage, network and ask questions of the local Regiments and members of the Army Business and Community Engagement Team.

If your business is interested in exploring opportunities with the British Army and British Military, further information can be requested by emailing: