Blythin & Brown App

Please see the video. This explains about our app for clients to help prevent and assist with Insurance claims. We are offering existing client's FREE access for registration to the Hygiene Policy for the first 12 months. You can go straight to the app through the app store on iPhone (iOS) or Android, by searching Blythin and Brown.

The initial FREE policy is the Hygiene policy. This is a reporting tool to help you monitor your staff to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities in the work place. This provides you with a real time record to show you have implemented the Government guidelines together with providing your staff with a guide. This does not prevent the risk, however, what it does do is provide a record if an event was to occur and an employee was to try and pursue a claim. Each employee will receive the COVID19 guide as well as a guide of how to use the app.

  • How much is the app cost for all policies?

1 - 20 employees - £99.00 per year

21 – 30 Employees - £120 per year

31 – 50 Employees - £140 per year

51 – 100 employees - £200 per year

101 + employees will require and independent review.

The Hygiene Policy is FREE You will be offered the additional policies once you become a user of the system. This includes an immediate claim notification for motor, liability, and property claims. Or click here for a quote to select all modules.